Medium Tumbled Dyed Fuchsia Agate

Medium Tumbled Dyed Fuchsia Agate

Product Information

This item will be intuitively chosen by a member of our crystal team

Each piece is unique and may vary in shape and coloring

This gemstone is dyed

Metaphysical Properties:

Agate provides a gentle grounding and stabilizing energy while helping to rebalance the mind, and spirit. It helps to sooth and calm, heals inner anger and tension, and creates a sense of security and safety.


Agate was often used in ancient times for its magical powers. It was thought to make the wearer friendly, brave, and able to expand their horizons. It was also thought to protect from danger, and was used to keep earthquakes and calamities at bay.

Fun Fact:

Zodiac Sign: Virgo,Gemini

▪ Named after the River Achates in Sicily, thought to be its place of origin.

▪ It’s an ancient stone that has been traced back to 20,000 to 15,000 BC, being one of the first stones used to make jewelry.


Agate can be found worldwide.

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