This is where you can get to know us, why we are here and what we do! Its always better to put a face to the name and see who the people are that make this all possible.

About us

Hello my name is Jessica and welcome to The Gem Boutique! We are an online gemstone & jewelry supply company based out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

This business started out in the heart of downtown Kitchener in 2011 as a jewelry supply store. I started out at the young age of 21 to build a business that would offer a wide variety of jewelry supplies and gemstone beads.

As the business continued to grow over the years, I wanted to expand into the crystal industry and be able to offer affordable gems from all over the world! In 2020 I had an idea to begin focusing on our online side of things.

With all of the opportunities using social media to reach out to people who love gems as much as I do, I wanted to be able to offer crystals to as many people as possible! That is when I decided it was time to dive into the world of Instagram & begin offering live sales!

Shortly after, we announced our move to a new warehouse to help us expand even more on our beads and gemstones and it has been an amazing ride! We now have a wonderful team of 15 amazing staff members who are just as excited about gems as I am!

We are striving for great quality crystals and beading supplies at very affordable prices and we wouldn't want to sell something that we wouldn't buy ourselves!

Our love is for gemstone beads & crystals and finding new beautiful collections that are hard to get. I hope that you've found our shop and I hope you enjoy getting to know all of us and have fun growing your collections! -Jessica
Meanwhile, to assure customers is safety and vogue, we insist on strict quality control and our jewelry are all made of environment-friendly material. And our brand aims to satisfy what they want with our simple fashion design in a natural way.





This is Jess! Also known as the Tornado! She leaves a bit of chaos and a trail of sparkly crystals wherever she goes. Since she was a kid she has been an entrepreneur!  Jess has always been a business driven creative type. With her extensive background in jewelry design, it has been her dream to build a business around gemstones! She has made jewelry pieces for Lady Gaga, Jordan Sparks, Adam Lambert, Pamela Anderson, Kelly Rolland, Nelly Furtado & even The Queen Of England!




As one of the OG's of The Gem Boutique, if you've seen one of our ads, reels or social media posts, thats Casey behind the camera! He loves cars, crystals and has a twisted sense of humor. Sarcasm is his weapon of choice when it comes to day to day life and it seems to pay off...sometimes. One thing he finds really awkward is having to write about himself in the third person while creating this page and trying not to sound like a moron.



Store Manager

The one in charge of our day to day chaos, the one in the driver seat of our crystal madness, it's Crista! She is our Store Manager and handles our daily operations here at The Gem Boutique. She's one of few who is brave enough to use a ladder & she makes sure that all of our questions and comments are seen and heard here! 



Shipping / Warehouse Manager

If you have called us in the past, the wonderful person on the other end of the line is Kristen! Kristen is our shipping / warehouse manager & ensures that all of your crystals are out in the mail ASAP! A funny quirk is that she is addicted to Monkey TikToks despite being terrified of them!




Lead Live Sale Host

This is the claim queen, the auctioneer, the slayer of all the gems! This is Stephanie! If you've seen one of our live sales in the last couple years, you've probably heard Stephanie! As our Lead Live Sale Host, she is one of the first points of contact for our live sales and our dm's on social media.  Stephanies favourite crystal is Garnet & she absolutely loves anything to do with Birds!



Live Sale Host

She's the Snack Queen, the curator of the crackers, it's our live sale host Brittany! She is an amazing member of our team. From her bubbly & upbeat personality to her go getter attitude, she has quickly become a strong member of our Live Sale team! Brittany is a total book worm and absolutely loves Moss Agate & Labradorite. She is also a wonderful dog mom to her Beagle, Squish.



Live Sale Runner

Shes a lover of cats, crystals & cosplay! Its Katie! You have probably heard her on our Live Sales from time to time. She is the ninja who keeps track of all of your claims! Katie is our most experienced Live Sale Runner and she is an awesome member of our crystal team!



Live Sale Host

Robin is a crystal hoarder on a other level! If you open up her car you will find crystals scattered everywhere. We don't ask questions....
This crystal queen is our newest member of our live sale team. With her vast knowledge on beads & healing properties, she is a fantastic upcoming host!



Live Sale Runner

Matt is our Resident Witch Boy here at the Gem Boutique. He is one of our runners and helps to keep everything organized and running perfectly during our Live Sales. Matt also has an infectious upbeat personality and always keeps us all in good spirits!





Jen is our work Mom! Whether she is bringing us snacks or keeping a secret stash of painkillers for our migraines, she is the backbone of our shipping team. With her incredible attention to detail and bubbly personality, Jen always is the uplifting team member in our mix. What more could you ask for in a team member!




If you need a daily dose of sarcasm with the mix of Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine Nine, then look no further than Chris! With his background in performance arts, you can usually find Chris starring in our Reels & TikToks. When interviewed about why he likes his position he simply stated, "I get to look at rocks..." and then turned his chair around and continued to work.




Jessica is one of our shippers here at The Gem Boutique. She has a sneakingly dark sense of humor and while she may be on the quiet side, it doesn't stop her from accidentally sneaking up and scaring the crap out of you! Jessica loves gaming and she is also a huge fan of birds!




Warehouse Team Lead

If you're looking to share a laugh then Marisa is the person to go to because she laughs so hard that she cries every time! She is the lucky one who gets to unbox all of our items and price them. It is the dream job! She gets to be the first person to see all of our new stock and get first dibs on it too!



Warehouse Team Member

If you're around the warehouse and wanting to find Pavila, you will usually hear her music blasting from a distance & need to call her name 5 times before she responds. She is the one who packages and prepares all of our products for our bead shows and she is super precise! Pavila is a fantastic person to work with & although she doesn't say much, she is very good at summing up her thoughts with a simple glance. It is typically a look of shock or concern because we are all a little bit quirky & crazy here!


Our Philosophy "More Better"

We have always wanted to grow to offer the largest selection of gems around at attainable prices & with realistic photos and keeping ethics in mind to make the crystal industry "More Better".

How many of you have ordered something online, the photos look absolutely stunning, but when your order arrives, it looks nothing like the website portrayed?! This is what we are trying to eliminate.

We believe in complete transparency when it comes to the way we run our business. Our photos are taken to capture the true colour of our pieces without any smoke & mirrors. It is important to us in this modern age of technology that the piece you see is the piece you get!

Our Values

When you shop with us, you can take comfort in knowing that we only work with suppliers who follow the labor laws & regulations of the countries that we work with.

We shop with other small businesses from around the world, including countries such as Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Morocco & more!

When we receive our items, we carefully unbox, inspect and price our items competitively.

We believe that pricing our items based off of what WE would want to pay is the best way to do business. IF we wouldn't buy the piece ourselves, we do not sell it. A member of our crystal team will inspect all items that you have purchased, package them carefully and included a personalized card from the team member who handled your items.