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Monday May 27th - 12-5pm EST 
This week, we're kicking things off in a quiet, hushed forest, with our Monday afternoon Woodland Whispers show. We've got nature-inspired hues on the table, with some incredible patterns, reminding you of moss creeping over the forest floor. New items on the table include Purple Mica, Que Sera, Ocean Jasper, Van Gogh Jasper, & more!

Our specials for this show are 25% OFF Chrysocolla Hearts & Palmstones and 50% OFF Selenite Towers!

Come join us on Monday afternoon from 12-5pm EST!
Monday May 27th - 5-10pm EST 
This Monday evening, we're mixing the elements on our Ember and Ocean show! Firey reds and deep blues, we're representing fire and water on the table and we can't wait to share these amazing crystals with you. We have some absolutely incredible, extremely high-quality Smoky Quartz Towers that have amazing clarity and stunning rainbows all throughout. We've also got Blue Onyx, Fluorite with Sphalerite, Tourmalated Quartz, & more!

Our specials for this show are 25% OFF Fluorite with Sphalerite Palmstones and 30% OFF Smoky Quartz Towers!

Spend Monday evening with us from 6-10pm EST!
Tuesday May 28th - 12-4pm EST 
Deep underwater or floating through an ethereal plane? Our Phantom Blues show brings all the vibes this Tuesday afternoon. Come explore with us as we show you stunning new items like our Black Banded Agate Mountains. We've never had this shape before and we love how it shows off the banding and brings a graphic style to a collection! Also new on the table for this show are items like Black Flower Agate, White Sodalite, Apatite, & More!

Our specials for this show are 60% OFF Garnet Top Polishes and 40% OFF Raw Black Tourmaline! Join us Tuesday afternoon and dive in!

Come join us on Tuesday afternoon from 12-4pm EST!
Tuesday May 28th - 5-11pm EST 
Join us this Tuesday evening as we explore the Pagan Jungle. The colour palette on this show is absolutely gorgeous, boasting deep greens, rich browns and golds, and a touchy of fiery reds. We have some absolutely gorgeous new Fire Moss Agate Spheres that have the most beautiful patterning and contrasting colours. We've also got other amazing new stuff on the table like Tigers Eye, Verdite, Ruby in Zoisite, & more!

Our specials for this show are 50% OFF Fire Quartz Towers and 60% OFF Agate Top Polishes! See you on Tuesday evening!

Don't miss it! Join us live from 5-11pm EST on Tuesday evening!
Wed May 29th - 11-5pm EST 
It's time to play! It's Bead Day! This week we have more amazing, long-awaited restocks in store for you, plus some brand-new featured strands on our afternoon and evening shows!

New strands in our Faceted afternoon feature include Chalcedony, Moss Agate, Quartz, & more!

NEW for bead shows, we have show specials! During our afternoon show, get 25% off Yellow Aventurine and Blue Spot Jasper strands! So exciting!
Wed May 29th - 6-10pm EST 
New strands in our Stars and Rondelles evening feature include Aventurine, Amazonite, Indian Agate, & more!

Our NEW bead show specials for the evening show are 25% off Unakite and Red Jasper Strands! Clear your schedule for Wednesday and come hang out with us all day!

Bead day goes from 11am-10pm EST on Wednesday!
Thursday May 30th - 5-11pm EST 
Take a trip with us to plunder the Treasures of Eldorado this Thursday evening! We have so many beautiful items on the table this week to share with you, including STUNNING Ruby in Kyanite Spheres! These spheres are so incredibly stunning and high-quality and we can't wait to show them to you. Other new items on this show include Golden Healer (one of the highest qualities we've ever had), Tigers Iron, Rainbow Fluorite, Smoky Quartz, & more!

Our specials for this show are 30% OFF Golden Healer Hearts and 50% OFF Raw Sphalerite! Come hang out with us on Thursday Evening and explore Eldorado!️

Make sure to catch this show from 5-11pm EST on Thursday evening!
Friday May 31st - 10-4pm EST 
This week on our Maker's Show, relax, rejuvenate, and then let's get medieval! We've got some great new stuff for you this week on our table, including Gua Shas, Gemstone Pendants, Dragon Pendants, & More! Plus, as always, if you missed anything on Bead Day, you'll be able to get it during this show, so don't miss it!

Come hang out with us and get your goodies from 10am-4pm EST on Friday!
Saturday June 1st - 5-10pm EST 
Someone took our show and electrocuted it! Check out the incredible colours on this Saturday's table! Our Prismatic Paradise show screams energy and vibrance and we know you're gonna fall in love. We have so many new items to show you on this table including our stunning new Rainbow Selenite Sticks! These are so bright and cheery and are sure to spice up your crystal collection. We've got a ton of other new stuff, too, like Blue Lepidolite, Fluorite, Ruby in Fuschite (can't wait to show you this unique variety!), Rhodonite, & More!

Our specials for this show are 40% OFF Aragonite Dishes and 60% OFF Selenite Spheres! We can't wait to see you on Saturday!

This amazing sale is from 5-10pm EST on SATURDAY!