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Here you will find all of the LATEST info you need for our Live Sales that we stream over on Instagram! @the.gemboutique

Spring...Where Are You?!
Mon Apr. 3rd- 12-5pm EST

On Monday we have a stunning show with some brand new pieces. Crazy Lace Agate skulls, piranha carvings & even new Apatite carvings! We have packed this show full of more spring colours in hopes that we can finally make this snow melt!!!!

Come watch on Monday from 12-5pm EST!

Destined For Grapeness!
Tues Apr. 4th - 5-11pm EST

Charoite towers have arrived & so have some insane grape jelly Amethyst cluster spheres!

We also have some stunning Vanadinite, Malachite & Calcites that are all part of Tuesday nights crystal show!

All of this new stock is beautiful so don't miss this show from 5-11pm EST on Tuesday!

Tons Of New Beads!
Wed Apr. 5th - 12-4pm EST

Beads are back this week with a ton of new strands!

We have Angelite, Obsidian, Tigers Eye, Blue Onyx, Que Sera, Banded Agate, Larvikite & More!

There is so much that it's overflowing off of our tables!

For the 1st half of the show we will also be featuring K2 & Rhodochrosite at 2:30pm EST.

The evening portion of the show will feature Phoenix Stone & Unicorn stone at 7pm EST!

You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else
Thurs Apr. 6th - 10am-4pm EST

This Thursday we have an awesome sprint run of Fluorite lamps! These will go quickly so be sure to pop on in to get a stunning lamp for your space!

We also have a nice selection of chip jars ready to go for you too! Check it out from 10am-4pm EST!

Lace Me Up Before You Go Go
Thurs Apr. 6th - 5-11pm EST 

We have RAW BLUE LACE AGATE! We were lucky enough to get in 10kg of these specimens & they are stunning!

Don't miss out on these special pieces on Thursday with Kristen! That's right, Kristen will be hosting this show in the evening!

So tune in for some good vibes and stunning gems from 5-11pm EST!

Check Out Our Live Sales!