Make sure to read your shipping options at checkout!
What is an Open Box?
From weekly live shows, new items added to the website, and Instagram story sales, there are a lot of ways to shop! But who wants to pay for shipping every single time? With an Open Box you can choose to buy items and have us hold it for you so you can continue to combine orders and ship or pickup at once. 

How does it work?

Simply select the best option for you at checkout. 
1. OPEN BOX for eventual Pickup. This option means we will hold your order until you email us at Please keep in mind orders will be ready 1-3 days after closing your box. We have a high volume or orders and have to go by who's first in the que.  Email us at: to close your box.
2. ADD to an EXISTING Open Box. If you have already place one order for an open box then choose this option to add your new orders to your open box. You MUST have an open box already started to choose this option. 
3. Start Open Box for eventual Shipping. This means we will hold your order until you are finished adding to it, and then ship all at once. YOU must contact us to tell us when to ship your order. We will hold your orders to combine for up to 30 days.