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What is a live sale?
How do I join?
What are the rules?

If you have never heard of a live sale before, then this is the page you want to be on. To sum it up, a live sale is a live stream where our hosts take you through our curated collections of beads & crystals and you can purchase them from the comfort of your home.

Why would I want to watch?


Community & Variety

Live sales are an interactive way to hangout with other crystal and craft lovers and be a part of something larger than just shopping online. We tailor our shows to our crystal family and with our variety of hosts, humor and crystal knowledge, we act as a central hub for shopping, learning and bonding with the crystal community.

Where To Watch


Hosted Daily On Instagram

We stream everyday on Instagram so you can shop in a more personalized way! These shows are Live Streams on our account @the.gemboutique. These live sales make it easy for you to shop in your spare time and see products up close. 

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How Do I Claim?



Every item on our live sale has a claim code. For example you may see a crystal tower that is labeled W18 (For $18). This is the code that you type into the comments in order to claim the item. 


Tip: Keep your fingers nimble and maybe even stretch before! You might even want a cup of coffee to stay alert and ready, because some items can be claimed quite quickly! This is part of the fun of a live sale and it keeps things very exciting!

Are there rules?


Rules & Guidelines

Long story short, Yes! We have a set series of rules and guidelines to follow when trying to purchase on a live sale. One of the most important rules to follow is to only claim what you plan to purchase. Live sales can be a rush of excitement, so be sure to write down what you're claiming and keep track of your budget.

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