7 Inch Amethyst Chip Bracelet
7 Inch Amethyst Chip Bracelet
7 Inch Amethyst Chip Bracelet

7 Inch Amethyst Chip Bracelet

Product Information

This item will be intuitively chosen by a member of our crystal team

Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, size and coloring

Metaphysical Properties:

Amethyst is a high vibrational stone that’s good for stress, strain, and helping to balance out mood swings. It is also known as a stone of wisdom and intuition. Can often be great for sleep as well as dream recollection.


Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that Amethyst would ward off the influence of Bacchus (or Dionysus), thus preventing them from getting drunk. They would often carry this gemstone with them while drinking, going as far as to encrust the stone into their goblets.

Fun Fact:

▪ Is the Birthstone for February

Zodiac Sign: Pisces & Aquarius


Brazil, Uruguay, & Canada

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