4.5 Inch Raw Amber Specimen P53
4.5 Inch Raw Amber Specimen P53
4.5 Inch Raw Amber Specimen P53
4.5 Inch Raw Amber Specimen P53

4.5 Inch Raw Amber Specimen P53

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This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

A stone of cleansing and renewal, Amber is useful for eliminating negative energies and fears, by providing patience, wisdom and a sense of empowerment. It provides balance and a flexible attitude, and also acts as a protective stone that helps quiet our inner critic.


As one of the oldest gemstones, there are many beliefs surrounding amber. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that wearing amber would increase fertility, and the early Chinese believed that amber was the souls of tigers that have passed on from this world. Other stories have said that amber was the sweat of the sun as it set beneath the sea, or that it was the tears of the gods.

Fun Fact:

▪ Despite being considered a gemstone, Amber is fossilized tree resin

Zodiac Sign: Leo


Worldwide, though notable deposits are in the Dominican Republic, the Baltic region of Europe, and Myanmar.

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