2 Inch African Blood Stone Cookie M17
2 Inch African Blood Stone Cookie M17
2 Inch African Blood Stone Cookie M17

2 Inch African Blood Stone Cookie M17

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This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

A good stone for courage, motivation, and creativity. It provides protection from negative vibes, removing blocks and revitalizing energy. It is also a grounding stone that helps you be more open. It helps to create a clear path forward for you in life.


There are legends that say it is the shattered remains of the Holy Grail, while others claim it is the blood of Christ that fell to the earth during his crucifixion.

Fun Fact:

Zodiac Sign: Aries, Libra, Pisces

▪ Used by the Ancient Egyptians as well as the Romans and Greeks in everything from amulets to architectural decor.

▪ Fell out of favor for a short period of time during the renaissance era as it was thought to bring bad luck, and was associated with death and violence.


Can be found worldwide, but the best quality comes from South Africa and Madagascar.


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