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Frog Carving

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Stone Type:
Chevron Amethyst 1 Inch

Product Information

This item will be intuitively chosen by a member of our crystal team

Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, size and coloring

This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

Chevron Amethyst is a third eye chakra stone that helps increase spirituality and intuition.

Labradorite is a third eye chakra crystal that helps with life transformation, energizing the imagination and offers great psychic protection.

Black Obsidian is fantastic for psychic protection. It is also a gemstone for blocking negativity and refocusing mental stress in the body.

Yooperlite is a throat chakra and is known as the stone of truth. It helps to recognize and express feelings truthfully.

Opalite is a great communication stone. It helps to remove energy blockages, assists during life transitions and gives us strength to openly express ourselves.

Sesame Jasper helps to align all the chakras and absorb negativity. A nourishing stone in times of stress.

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