6mm Dark Yooperlite Bead Strand

6mm Dark Yooperlite Bead Strand

Product Information

Bead Size: 6mm

Hole Size: 0.8mm

QTY: Approx. 64 Beads

Length: 16 Inches


Metaphysical Properties:

Is known as the stone of truth. It helps to recognize and express feelings truthfully. It is also a great protective stone and will help remove negative energies and turn them into positive ones. 


Syenite rock with fluorescent sodalite was found by a man in Michigan by the name of Erik Rintamaki in 2017 while walking the shoreline at 4am.

Fun Fact:

UV reactive: This gemstone will glow fluorescent orange under UV light

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius


Michigan, United States

*We take all our photos under studio lighting, due to the difference in computer screens, there can be a slight difference in color. We work very hard at taking clean, crisp images with high accuracy in color. Photo colors have not been altered.*

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