If you know anything about chakras you know that they are not only totally trending, but also very healing and aligning. They have purpose within the energetic body and they serve a very spiritual purpose. 

Having financial troubles? Which chakra should you concentrate on? 

Have some walls around your heart? Which chakra is in need of your attention? 

Experience the same kind of physical challenges and issues all the time? Which chakra is out of alignment? 

So much of our bodies are reliant on the energetic messages and vibes that we emit and receive. That's why everyone is always saying: "Protect your energy" or "Shield your energies". It's similar to covering your mouth when you cough, or sneezing into your arm.

What we're loving about these chakra-themed strands is we take the guess work out of it for you. Pre-strung, gorgeous stones, perfect as a gift or as a compliment to your collections. 

If you want to get aligned, learn more or want a strand (or ten) for yourself, just