Lapis Lazuli: The Bling Of The Gods

Lapis Lazuli: The Bling Of The Gods

Step into the sparkling world of gemstones, where one gem reigns supreme with its cosmic charm and ancient mystique: Lapis Lazuli! This precious blue beauty has been the star of myths and legends throughout history, and trust us, it's not just because of its good looks. Join us for a whimsical journey through Lapis Lazuli's mythology, where secrets and stories are as dazzling as the gem itself.

The Stone That Hung Out with the Gods

Lapis Lazuli, aka "the stone that hung out with the gods," has an impressive rap sheet when it comes to mythology. Let's dig into the juiciest tales and quirky beliefs about this gem.

1. Mesopotamia: Bling for the Divine

Travel back to Mesopotamia, where around 4000 BCE, folks were already throwing shade at other gems in favor of Lapis Lazuli. The Sumerians were convinced this stone was like their VIP pass to the heavens. They even thought the goddess Inanna, the Queen of Heaven, had a thing for it. So, it's no surprise that Lapis Lazuli became the go-to bling for kings and queens.

2. Ancient Egypt: Pharaoh's Favorite Accessory

Move over, Cleopatra, because ancient Egypt had its own jewelry game going on. Lapis Lazuli was the rockstar gem, symbolizing not just royalty but a direct hotline to the divine. Pharaohs and high rollers adorned themselves with this gem, thinking it would help them ace the afterlife.

3. Sumerian and Babylonian Mythology: The "Meluha" Marvel

In the pages of Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, Lapis Lazuli had a starring role as the gem from the mythical land of "Meluha." Think of it as the ancient version of the quest for the Holy Grail. It was so sought after that it became the ultimate status symbol – basically, the bling of the gods!

4. Ancient Persia: The Gem That Found Enlightenment

Persia had its own take on Lapis Lazuli. They thought this gem had all the secrets to enlightenment. Imagine using it as your spiritual GPS! The deep blue hue represented the sky's wisdom, and it was carved into amulets to keep that wisdom close.



Lapis Lazuli might be the gem that launched a thousand myths, but it's also a stunner in the style department. Whether you're wearing it as jewelry or displaying it as art, Lapis Lazuli is the gem that winks at the mysteries of the past and the sparkle of the cosmos. So, next time you see this blue beauty, remember, it's not just a gem; it's a rock star with a celestial swagger!