Crystal Of The Week - Smoky Quartz

Crystal Of The Week - Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an awesome crystal with a ton of different variations, from Smoky Citrine (shown above) to titanium dioxide (rutilated Quartz), Hematoid (golden healer Quartz), Tourmalated Quartz and more!


The Sacred Stone Of Scotland is Smoky Quartz & has a rich history with the druids. This crystal represented the dark power of the Gods of the Earth. Smoky Quartz was often used as jewellery and was also commonly used to embellish their daggers.


In the wild realm of ancient Greek mythology, smoky quartz got in on the fun by becoming the stone of choice for the mischievous Hades. According to legend, Hades wore a smoky quartz helmet that granted him the power of invisibility. Imagine the hilarity as Hades roamed around the underworld, popping out of nowhere and giving the other gods a good scare!


In medieval Europe, smoky quartz took center stage in tales of witchcraft. But forget the spooky stuff – this was all about hilarious hijinks! According to folklore, smoky quartz was a favorite tool of witches, used to summon their mischievous familiar spirits. But what they didn't realize was that these spirits were expert pranksters! They would swap ingredients, mess with spells, and generally create mayhem in the witch's cauldron. Who knew smoky quartz was a partner in crime?


Ancient Roman Beliefs:The Romans revered smoky quartz as a stone of strength and stability. They believed it to be a symbol of endurance, grounding, and protection. Soldiers often carried smoky quartz talismans into battle, as they believed it would shield them from harm and provide mental fortitude during times of conflict.


The mythology surrounding smoky quartz is as diverse and intriguing as the stone itself. From the ancient Greeks and Native Americans to medieval Europe, cultures across the globe have woven tales and beliefs around this mystical crystal. Today, smoky quartz continues to captivate the hearts and minds of crystal enthusiasts, embracing its association with strength, protection, and ancient wisdom. Whether you seek spiritual guidance or simply appreciate its inherent beauty, smoky quartz stands as a testament to the enduring power of mythology and the timeless allure of gemstones.


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