Crystal Of The Week - Rose Quartz

Crystal Of The Week - Rose Quartz

With Pride month approaching, I thought it would be fitting to choose this gemstone for our crystal of the week. It symbolizes inner strength & encourages both love & growth which is something that we as a society are continuing to push for.


Let's get a bit of background on Rose Quartz & its history from around the world! There are so many interesting facts and ancient mythology surrounding this stone.


Rose Quartz In Greek Mythology

Rose Quartz was defined as the stone of love and reconciliation by the Greeks in a myth about Adonis & Aphrodite. Aphrodite suffered from a cut by a thorn bush while she was rushing to Adonis' side. He had been attacked by the god, Ares, who had transformed into the figure of a Boar. Both Aphrodite & Adonis' blood mixed together and dripped onto a piece of white Quartz. Similar to the myth of Amethyst, the Quartz stone was stained by the blood of the gods and it was dyed pink.


Rose Quartz In Mesopotamia 

Rose Quartz has been used for thousands of years and we have even found Rose Quartz beads that date back to 7000BC! Both the Assyrians and Romans may have been the very first people to have used Rose Quartz in jewelry. It was believed that the magical powers of Rose Quartz could be used in talismans and a wide variety of beliefs state that it was used as a stone for love, to prevent aging & even to remove emotions of anger.


Rose Quartz In The Modern World

Fast forward thousands of years and Rose Quartz is still used for quite a few of these similar properties! It stands as one of the most popular crystals for those who are just being introduced to the world of gemstones & it is highly sought after for its properties related to promoting self love, acceptance & emotional support. 


Be sure to celebrate Pride month this June and support those around you in the LGBTQ2S+ community!