A Unique Take On Amethyst

A Unique Take On Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the "Original Gangstas" when it comes to the world of gemstones. It is usually the starter crystal for most people. Maybe you've had a piece handed down from your grand parents or you have drooled over a piece from one of your favourite shops from around the world. Amethyst is a staple to have in your crystal collection.


Amethyst Folklore - Retold


Maybe you have heard my rant about the mythology behind Amethyst on our Instagram, if not, here is the "Caseyfied" version of it. Essentially there was this god named Dionysus and he was known as the God Of Wine, to which he couldn't hold his liquor very well at all.


He hangs out with this young virgin named Amethyst, hmmm interesting...I wonder what was going on there, if ya know what I mean! Annnywaaays, he gets too smashed one night and makes an ass of himself. Amethyst wants to get outta there, but unfortunately she can't leave. She calls up her home girl, Goddess Diana. Diana comes down from the heavens and says, "We are putting this shit to bed right now!". She turns Amethyst into a piece of Quartz to protect her from Dionysus' drunken chaos.


The next morning, Dionysus wakes up the next day, probably with a killer hangover and feeling like a bit of a dink. He starts to sob like a baby and spills his goblet of wine (that he was too much of a light weight to finish) and then it lands on Amethyst. This dyes the Quartz stone purple.


Boom there you have it! This is why it was believed that you couldn't get drunk if you carried a piece of Amethyst around with you...


Now as we approach the May 24 weekend, you might be tempted to try this little experiment out. I will give you a heads up that unfortunately this does not work whatsoever! However if you still are eager to give it a go, at least you will have a really sparkly crystal to stare at while you sip your bevies by the fire!