Red Jasper Tower
Red Jasper Tower
Red Jasper Tower
Red Jasper Tower
Red Jasper Tower

Red Jasper Tower

Small 2.5 Inch - 2.75 Inch

Product Information

This item will be intuitively chosen by a member of our crystal team

Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, size and coloring

This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

Is a great grounding stone which helps promote strength, courage and stamina. It is a stone of passion which encourages us to follow our dreams. It is also a great energizing stone which helps regenerate energy and takes negative energies and makes them into positive ones. 

Fun Fact:

▪  Is actually a Chalcedony

Red Jasper can range in colour from bright vibrant red, to a dark brownish red colour

Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio


Can be found all over the world. Most commonly in Madagascar, Brazil, the United States, and Australia.

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