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7 Inch Cloudy Quartz Chip Bracelet

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Product Information

This item will be intuitively chosen by a member of our crystal team

Each piece is unique and may vary in shape, size and coloring

Metaphysical Properties:

Is a great amplifier stone, it will amplify the energies of the crystals which it is placed around. It is a stone of mental clarity, concentration, emotional balance and harmony. It is also known as a Master Healer which can help to realign the chakras, cleanse the aura and heal emotional wounds. 


In Ancient Japanese Mythology, it is said Clear Quartz was viewed as a sign of perfection, it was thought to represent the physical form of a white dragon's breath. 

Fun Fact:

▪ Zodiac Sign: All

Quartz can be found in Unakite


The most common places to find Clear Quartz are Brazil, Mexico, Russia, France, and Morocco.

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