2.25 Inch Moonstone Heart P25
2.25 Inch Moonstone Heart P25

2.25 Inch Moonstone Heart P25

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This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

A stone of love, fertility, intuition, protection, and spiritual purity, it connects us to the moon and the Divine Feminine. Encouraging hope and inspiration, it helps us cultivate our wishes and dreams. Good for new beginnings and transitioning into a happier time.


Believed to embody the goddess Diana by the Romans, as well as Aphrodite and Selene by the Greeks. The Greeks even went so far as to call Moonstone “Aphroselene” after the two goddesses.

Fun Fact:

▪ Known as the “Travelers Stone”, as it is said to protect those who travel at night

▪ Zodiac Sign: Cancer, Gemini, Scorpio


Madagascar, Australia, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, & India.


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