0.75 Inch Kunzite Specimen R12
0.75 Inch Kunzite Specimen R12
0.75 Inch Kunzite Specimen R12

0.75 Inch Kunzite Specimen R12

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This gemstone is natural

Metaphysical Properties:

is an emotional healing stone that brings self love and acceptance. It has calming energies that help reduce stress and anxiety. 


Was named after the chief jeweler of Tiffany & Co, George Kunz. It was first discovered in 1902, and is considered to be a “new” crystal.

Fun Fact:

Zodiac Signs: Leo, Taurus, Scorpio. 

Kunzite is the alternative birthstone for February (traditionally Amethyst). 

Kunzite is light sensitive and will fade in color with long periods of sun exposure. 

Can be UV reactive depending on the colour / quality! Will glow UV fluorescent after it is removed from a UV light for a period of time if kept under a light long enough


First found in Connecticut, with the first large deposit found in California. It is now typically found in Brazil, Afghanistan, and Madagascar.


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